Everything you see in these pages wouldn't have been possible without the help of the many people who helped and supported me in this adventure, so here we go:

First of all thanks to all those who, from the beginning, have shown their enthusiasm and support for this project, helping to carry it out. Without them probably I wouldn't even set off. Thanks to Carmen, Cecile, Teresa and Paula for their unconditional daily support. To Ignacio, Pilar, Fernando, Carlos, Michele and all who have believed in the first sketches of MADHAI, trying to make them grow. To Eva, Menene and Santiago for their tips on the interviews. And thanks to Estela, Anna, Rodrigo and all the friends of Casa Asia and the Madrid City Council too.

Thanks of course to all the people who have devoted their time to the interviews, talking in front of the camera about their experiences, their perspectives and their cities. Whether at the end they appear or not on this website, thanks to: François Hebel, Guido Gobino, Eleonora Fraile, Marité Costa, Goličnik Barbara and her husband, Miroslav Zivanovic, Edin Numankadic, Deniz Yavuz, Mehmet Guntekin, Emre Gözgü Antonio Gil de Carrasco, Pelin Opcin, Martin Klaucke, George Ovashvili, Pirouz Khanlou, Rashid Ziyadli, Marinika Babanazarova, Farkhad Tolipov, Babur Ismailov and his sister, Meruert Makhmutova, Adil Nurmakov, Alessandro Colla, Jing Feng, Manuel Rubio, Flora Feng and Ignacio Niño.

Thanks to Riccardino for doing all the programming of this website and to Elisa for being by our side in front of the screen giving us the right tips.

And finally thanks and more thanks to my fellow travelers: Maeve, Cristina, Carmen, Bora and Hasan for being with me during the long Turkish stretch; to Marcos for the miles we shared in the Caucasus and for his help with the videos; to Maria and Elena for welcoming me in Khiva and go on with me until Samarcanda; and of course thank to Piero for being there in the tragicomic Kazakh and Kyrgyz adventures. Thanks to all who I don't mention here, the people I met on the road and whose names I don't remember, for making this trip the wonderful experience it has been.