MADHAI is an overland journey from MADrid to shangHAI. It's a journey that mostly followed the path of the Silk Road, scouting the different cities and cultures that separate us from the great metropolises of the Far East. And it's a journey that I always wanted to do and that finally on the occasion of the Shanghai World Expo 2010 has turned into something much bigger than just a trip.

At the beginning of this new millennium, world population has become mostly urban population. It's a major change for the planet. And in Asia, where metropolis of millions of people constantly keep growing, it's something that create a certain concern. It's not just by chance then that the Shanghai Expo 2010 has been entitled "Better City, Better Life". Under this motto, for the first time in the history of world expos, the committee has invited to participate not only the countries with their national pavilions, but also cities. Among all the candidates cities, 15 have been selected and have formed part of the Expo eachone with its own pavilion, which reproduced an existing building of theirs, awarded for its quality as a role model in the architecture of the future. Among the selected cities there was Madrid too.

From Puerta del Sol in Madrid to its pavilion in Shanghai, I covered more than 16000km and went across nearly 40 cities. I selected 12 of them and I chose for each one a subject that I later developed through interviews with experts of different fields. The result is a collection of photos, texts and videos that addresses various aspects of the urban world, from culture and sport, to economy and transport.

Almost everything I've done can be seen on this website. The trip is over now, but the project is not: I'm trying to update constantly the content of these pages and to add new interviews. Someday I hope to leave again from Puerta del Sol, going through the same route one more time, to enrich the project with new content and to go and see what happened in the meantime with the Expo.